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Save with competitive exchange rates on bank transfers and cash pickups to Mexico.

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Money transfer

Send money to Mexico from USA

Need to send money to loved ones in Mexico? The MAJORITY app makes it fast, easy, and more affordable. Send money transfers to Mexico from the US with both bank-to-bank and cash pickup options.

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • No-fee bank transfers
  • Convenient cash pickup locations
  • Fast and secure delivery

Excellent app, very convenient

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Money transfer

The best app to send money to Mexico

The MAJORITY app makes sending money to Mexico super easy and fee-free. We also offer the most current, competitive exchange rates to make sure whoever you’re sending money to in Mexico gets the largest amount possible.

*Figures based on a $100 transfer to a Mexican bank account made with debit card as of October 2020.

Money transfer

Compare fees* to send money to Mexico^

Money transfer

How to send money to Mexico

The best way to send money to Mexico is with the MAJORITY app. Simply open the app and follow these instructions to get started.

  1. Select “Send” at the bottom of the screen
  2. Press “Bank transfer”
  3. Choose Mexico as the destination
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to send in US dollars
  5. Check to make sure it’s the amount you’d like to send in Mexican Pesos
  6. Select “Continue”
  7. Choose who you’d like to send money to in Mexico

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