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How to connect my MAJORITY account to Venmo?

  1. Open your Venmo app

  2. Tap the icon at the bottom of the app

  3. Tap “Settings” gear at the top and then “Payment Methods

  4. Tap “Add a bank or card...” and then select “Card” or "Bank"

  5. Select your preferred verification method

  6. Add your MAJORITY account credentials. Here is how to find them: How do I find my MAJORITY account details?

Venmo will then send microtransfers to your MAJORITY account to verify ownership (these will be less than $1 each). You'll see these deposits/debits in your MAJORITY account within 1-3 business days as separate transactions. Once you do, you can visit www.venmo.com/verifybank to verify your bank account and start using the service.

For more detailed information, visit Venmo’s Help Center.

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