Sending money


How can I transfer money with MAJORITY?

  1. Open your MAJORITY app

  2. Tap on Send

  3. Next, tap on Money transfer

  4. Now choose how much you want to send. You can see in real time how much your contact will receive in their local currency based on the exchange rate shown

  5. Click on Continue

  6. Choose how you would like to send the money. We currently have three options available Bank Transfer, Mobile Wallet and Cash pickup.

  7. If Bank Transfer is chosen. Please enter your recipient’s information. Make sure to have the recipient’s full name, bank name and their account number. Check the details and tap on Confirm

    If Cash pickup is chosen. Please choose an agent. Next enter the recipient's full name and phone number.

  8. Sometimes, we might ask you for more information about your recipient, such as date, city, and country of birth, as well as nationality. When all details have been added and checked, click Confirm

  9. As you continue, review the transfer details, then Confirm and send

  10. You’ll see a confirmation that your transfer is on its way. Tap OK to exit the screen

You can find all the details of your transaction in the Wallet tab