How to enable international bank transfers to Colombia

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How to enable international bank transfers to Colombia

Make sending money to Colombia easier and faster

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If you're sending a transfer to Colombia and your recipient is receiving an international money transfer for the first time, they'll need to submit a form required by the Colombian government.

This form is called a 'Declaración de Pago' (or 'Declaración de Poder'). It's used to confirm the identity of your recipient and authorize international transfers to their Colombian bank account.

To make sure your money transfer is not delayed, it’s important that your recipient activates international bank transfers on their account.

Here’s how to activate for Bancolombia:

  1. Go to the Personal Virtual Branch online (in-app not supported)
  2. Select “Transfers” from the upper menu
  3. Choose “International” and select “Receive”
  4. Select “Activate automatic deposit”
  5. Choose which account you want to receive the funds and select the motive for receiving the transfer
  6. Confirm the information and select “Activate automatic deposit”