MAJORITY is more than just an app. It’s also a community of individuals from all around the world, coming together to support and empower each other.

We do it all through the Ambassador Program, a network of influential and creative individuals who are the hearts and souls of their communities and who wish to make a difference as part of MAJORITY.


MAJORITY is the first financial membership made for anyone who has moved to and settled in the U.S. We believe in fair and equal access to financial tools for everyone, so that we can all aim high, dream big, and make our ambitions a reality.


There are 3 groups in the Ambassador Program: BOOST, HYPE and CREATE. As an ambassador, you get to choose which groups you want to join. In addition to that, all ambassadors are actively involved in improving the product and providing their feedback.


A sweet gig for suave salespeople who are:

  • Totally charming and engaging
  • Natural product promoters
  • Looking to make extra money

What you will do:

  • Become an expert on the MAJORITY app
  • Pitch the product to friends, colleagues and more
  • Register members and earn extra money
  • Find new, creative ways to sell MAJORITY
  • Attend fun events with the BOOST group
Become a Boost Ambassador


The place for social (media) butterflies who are:

  • Savvy across social channels
  • Masters at engagement
  • Influential online (with established followers)

What you will do:

  • Create awesome, engaging MAJORITY content
  • Post pictures on social media from our events
  • Show off your MAJORITY swag
  • Share MAJORITY content and earn money
  • Attend fun events with the HYPE group
Become a Hype Ambassador


Perfect for courageous creatives who are:

  • Community advocates
  • Networking geniuses
  • Always making new things
  • Eager to showcase their work

What you will do:

  • Create events, activities and content together with MAJORITY
  • Invite and engage people from your community
  • Make connections and network with community leaders
  • Use our platform to showcase your creative work
  • Help spread the word about MAJORITY
Become a Create Ambassador

Some of our HYPE Ambassadors

"After the first event I felt like I had an extended family."

Abbie - MAJORITY Hype Ambassador

"I am a migrant and they made me feel like part of the company, they are super special."

Eliana - MAJORITY Hype Ambassador

"I’m really proud to be a part of MAJORITY. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me."

Grace - MAJORITY Ambassador